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Environmental protection facilities

1.Disposing system

(1)Mixed-acid pickling process generates large amount of exhaust gas containing hazardous pollutants like HF and NOx.

(2)This disposing system eliminates HF and NOx from exhaust gas through rinsing, absorbing and denitration to ensure its emission under standards.

(3)The pollutants in exhaust gas can  be processed to satisfy following standard through this system:

HF<5mg/m3  NOx <200mg/m3

 2.Acid regeneration system

(1)Large amount of waste acid generated from mixed -acid pickling process will impose large stress on water recycling if it is eliminated directly due to its high acid concentration and metal ions, which also wastes large amount of resource and result in high production cost.

(2)The system recycles acid-waste via calcination and rinse absorbing. The metal-salt contained is converted in redox reaction under high temperature and reused.

(3)Main technical parameters:

processing capacity:2500-6000l/h

HF recycle rate: >95%

HNO3 recycle rate: 70%~75%

Nearly zero elimination of waste water.

Nearly 100% recycle of metal ions.