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Zhaoqing Hongwang 18Hi five-stand tandem cold rolling mill

2019-02-28 10:19:24 adminddy

Zhaoqing Hongwang  18Hi  five-stand  tandem cold rolling mill

The main technical parameters:

Annual production capacity : 600,000 t/a

 Material:Stainless steel:  AISI200,300,400

Thickness :  Material thickness: 1.84.0mm

                             Product thickness :0.25-1.2mm

Width: 10001250mm

Coil Diameter: 1000~2000mm

Rolling speed: Max. 230m/min

Rolling Force:  Max. 18,000 KN

Date of putting into production: In 2013


Mill characteristics:

This mill is independently developed by our

 company.The first stainless steel 18-Hi five-stand tandem mill in

 China and internationally, Filled the blank of the domestic

 stainless steel 18-HI five-stand tandem mill.