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Henan Jinyubang HAPL

2019-02-28 10:21:14 adminddy

   This line is capable of continuous processing the stainless steel hot-rolled coils, from welding the steel head and tail, annealing, scaled and rust-removed, surface shot blasting, acid pickling, and slitting into coils. . Remove the surface oxide scale of the black steel coils, refine the strip grain, and eliminate the hot rolling stress of the strip.  high-quality No.1 steel coil with good shape, mechanical performance and smooth surface.

Unit configuration: Double channel automatic uncoiler - automatic fast welding machine - annealing unit - broken scale machine - shot blasting unit - pickling unit - slitting machine - automatic winding - packaging machine.

   Technical Parameters:


   Strip width470-800mm

   Strip  thickness1.5-5.0mm

   Processing speed100mpm


   Max TV value180