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Facility Optimization)

In addition to providing complete sets of new equipment, Wuhan Qianye can also provide feasible equipment upgrading programs according to the customer's existing equipment usage conditions, make maximum use of the old , and integrate the most advanced technology at the current stage to optimize the customer’s equipment, thus greatly saving equipment investment and production costs.

Revamping 6HI mill into 18-high mill (typical reference)

1. Before revamping, the work roll diameters ranged from 200 to 240mm which were so large that it caused small rolling reduction, too many passes and low efficiency. The minimum thickness could only reach 0.6mm for strip of width 1250mm;

2. After revamping, the roll diameters of 18-high mill is reduced by 120-140mm, the minimum thickness reaches 0.25mm with width 1250mm, so the rolling efficiency is increasing significantly by bigger reduction of each pass;

3. Most worn facilities were revamped by reusing the existing parts,e.g. support roll, to lower production cost with higher efficiency.