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a).18-High Five(Six)-Stand Tandem Cold Rolling Mill:  

The tandem cold rolling mill uses  the advanced eighteen-roll rolling process for high-strength cold-rolled strips with a capacity of up to 750,000 tons. The highly efficient and stable automatic control system guarantees the quality of finished products.

b). 20-Hi reversing Cold Rolling Mill

The high-rigidity overall frame and the perfect shape adjustment method are used to produce a minimum thickness of 0.08mm and a reduction of up to 85% (stainless steel) at a maximum speed of 800m/min.

c). Direct rolling annealing & pickling mill: 

The highly integrated integrated process uses hot rolled black coils as raw materials to achieve economical production of No.1, 2E, 2B cold rolled products at maximum output.

d).Hot rolling(cold rolling) continuous annealing and picking mill

Optimized integration technology optimizes the annealing and pickling sections to achieve the lowest cost, high-volume production with advanced process segment mathematical models.

e).Efficient rolling mill squeeze roll technology

Removing the rolling oil on the strip surface during high speed (800 m/min) rolling.

f).Advanced SPM clear roll technology

With the reasonable and stable roll surface wiper structure , the normal production and quality control of the skin pass mill is guaranteed.

Wuhan Qianye invests 3% of its sales revenue every year in research and development, continuously increases investment in pre-research, standards, patents, etc., and in-depth study of future technology development trends and customer needs for strip cold rolling and processing. With the company's internal technical experts as the core of research and development, supplemented by a number of R & D elites, the R&D work is controlled and serious through demand analysis, R&D project, R&D design and simulation verification.

 Wuhan Qianye has established a sound R&D management system structure. By reasonable and efficient R&D process ,Wuhan Qianye supports the R&D team to work efficiently through appropriate R&D information platform . The enthusiasm of R&D team is mobilized by the performance management, The R&D risk is controlled by risk management, and the R&D is completed within the cost budget by the cost management and R&D projects are guaranteed a smooth progress by project management.

 Wuhan Qianye firmly believes that innovation on the basis of customer needs, technology research and product development on the basis of customers’ succeed, will bring positive changes and growth to customers, and activate the unlimited potential of customers.