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Qianye welcomes the leaders for guidance work! The mayor of Huangshi City came to Qianye for work guidance

2019-10-07 14:20:08

Recently, the mayor of Huangshi City came to Qianye for guidance. The mayor of Huangshi City and other people attended the meeting.

At the opening of the meeting, the manager Hou introduced the scale of the company and so on.

The mayor of Huangshi City invited Wuhan Qianye to enter in Huangshi. The mayor of Huangshi City expressed his willingness to respond to the national “One Belt, One Road” policy. He sincerely invited Wuhan Qianye to enter the Huangshi Development Zone, and pointed out that the Huangshi metallurgical industry is developed and connected with many high-tech enterprises. The transportation distance from Wuhan is convenient and the investment cost is low. There are 4 universities that provides technical talents into the company, and Wuhan Yanye has various advantages in the development of Huangshi.

General Manager Mr.Li Jun expressed his gratitude to Huangshi Municipal Government for attaching importance to and support for Wuhan Qianye. Considering the current research and development of Wuhan Qianye in Optics Valley, the gathering of high-tech talents in Optics Valley, and the support of Donghu High-tech Leaders in Wuhan Qianye, etc. factors, the matter of entering into Huangshi city will be weighed and carefully considered .

At the end of the meeting, the mayor of Huangshi hoped that the plan of Qianye entering into Huangshi city would quickly be decided and bring new impetus to the development of Huangsh city.