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Strength witness|Wuhan Qianye- the first domestic 18Hi 6 stand rolling mill passed the evaluation (identification)

2019-10-07 14:38:25

On August 3, 2019, the China Iron and Steel Association held a meeting on the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements (identification) of the key equipment technology of the 18High and 6 stands rolling production line completed by Wuhan Qianye Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. in Wuhan.

The evaluation (identification) committee experts watched the video and listened to the results of the project completion report, test report, application report, new report, etc., reviewed the relevant documents and materials, and after questioning and discussion, formed an appraisal opinion.

The evaluation (identification) committee believes that the key equipment level of the 18Hi 6 stand rolling production line manufactured by Wuhan Qianye has reached the domestic advanced level, and for side support equipment, it has reached the domestic leading level.Through the independent research and development, Qianye has adopted the 18Hi ,6 stand rolling production line for the first time at home and abroad. Its main innovations are reflected in the following aspects:

a. Developed QYS-HIGH type 18Hi cold tandem mill, which has the characteristics of large bearing capacity of side support rolls, large use range of work rolls, separate replacement of side rolls and intermediate rolls, and quick adjustment of side rolls. Suitable for the production of special alloy materials.

b. Developed a fully automatic roll changing device for the work roll and the intermediate roll to realize the unmanned roll change, and the roll change time of the work roll was shortened to 150 seconds, which improved the production efficiency.

c. Developed a multi-stand cold rolling computer control technology for stainless steel, and realized computer control systems such as rolling pressure control, rolling speed control, thickness and flatness control, rolling lubrication process, etc. The layout form meets the requirements of the large reduction rate process.


Since June 2016, Wuhan Qianye has initiated the innovation and research and development of key equipment technology for the 18Hi 6 stand rolling production line, and has rich experience in design, manufacturing and integration in the field of high-end precision metallurgical equipment. In order to complete the innovation and research and development of the key equipment technology of the 18Hi 6 stand rolling production line, Wuhan Qianye researched and tackled the project with the partner Baosight Software, and promoted it in Foshan Chengde New Materials Co., Ltd. At present, the production line has been put into operation for more than one year, the output meets standard, the operation is good, the equipment investment is low, and it has good economic benefits. The evaluation (identification) committee recommended further promotion.

Wuhan Qianye is a professional company engaged in R&D, design, manufacture and installation of stainless steel, carbon steel, electrical steel, non-ferrous metal cold-rolling complete sets of equipment and complete sets of equipment. It also has a professional R&D team. Li Jun, general manager of Wuhan Qianye, said: "Qianye will further increase research and development through this scientific and technological achivement evaluation (identification) meeting, adhere to the original innovative domestic rolling mill equipment, explore and practice step by step, Work hard to make full realization of localization goals." (Sun, Zhang)