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Congratulations on the successful convening of the technical review meeting of Shandong Taijia 1450mm 2Hi skin pass mill!

2019-10-11 17:34:07

On September 23, Wuhan Qianye ushered in the technical review meeting of Shandong Taijia 1450mm 2Hi skin pass mill. Shandong Taijia Tong Jinchun, Chen Jinguo, Qi Meng, and Luan Yiping visited the technical review meeting.

In order to produce high quality stainless steel products with better quality and higher capacity, the expert group launched a one-day review meeting,for the purpose of  producing the highest quality products with the most sophisticated and high-end equipment.

The content of this review is the 1450mm 2Hi skin pass mill Qianye general contracted. The mill is equipped with high-end, high degree of automation, and all key equipment such as electronic control system, roller system and plate type instrument are imported from world-renowned manufacturers.

The one-day meeting came to a successful conclusion. Wuhan Qianye has always been adhering to the mission of providing independent metallurgical industry with independent research and development and integration of precision metallurgical equipment, reducing users’ investment costs and promoting its production capacity and product quality. Let us set a higher goal! Let us become more refined, more specialized, and stronger! We firmly believe that every project created by the company will be a model project!