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Stainless steel HRAPL

Recoiling line, used for division and combination of processed coils.

Product information

This mill can directly unwind, straighten, and weld the hot-rolled black coils , then cold rolling, annealing, descaling, and finally flattening and winding. Finished or semi-finished stainless steel coils such as No. 2B, No. 2D, No. 2E, etc. required are manufactured in one process. Compared with the traditional production mill, it has simple process steps, which effectively reduces the production cost and meets the production requirements from the black coils directly to the industrial-grade finished coils. At the same time, the unit can be switched to cold-roll white coils (No.1) to manufacture precision high-quality 2B coils products to meet the needs of different markets.

Mill configuration: two-channel automatic uncoiler→automatic fast welding machine→three-stand 18Hi continuous rolling mill→annealing unit→scale breaker→acid washing unit→2 High skin pass mill→splitting machine→automatic winding→packaging machine.

Intellectual property rights: has obtained national invention patents. Patent No.: ZL201610655744.6


Technical parameters


2.Strip width800-1550mm

3.Material strip thickness2-6.0mm

4.Product strip thickness1.0-4.0mm

5.Process speed130-150mpm

6.mill exit speed220mpm

7.Max reduction40-52%

8.Max TV value240